The fourth industrial revolution

Digital technology has disrupted every industry, making it easy for consumers and end users to exercise real choice and drive savings across every sector.

With tablets and portable devices, consumers now want the same kind of interactive, choice-driven experience everywhere they go. And by installing smart technology, you can offer a truly immersive and engaging experience that will attract customers and open up new revenue streams.

Internet of Things

From Smart fridges to wearable technology, consumers are not just becoming used to the Internet of Things, they expect it. When they connect with a brand, they are looking for an interactive, personalised and engaging experience.

Smart technology harnesses IoT to make this happen. Touchpoints can be incorporated into advertising and signage. Sensors can integrate physical products and digital information to enable shoppers to create personalised experiences. Vending machines can grab attention with digital displays and local information.

The end result? Better customer service, deeper customer knowledge and improved sales figures.

We are changing the world with technology.

Bill Gates

Maximising revenue

Deloitte has estimated that, in 2016, digital interactions generated an extra $2.1 trillion sales in the retail environment. The argument is clear – on-site digital technology will boost brick-and-mortar sales.

We have the expertise to be able to create signage and digital touchpoints that don’t just catch the consumer’s attention, but also drive revenue too. Connectivity is key. By integrating signage with your back end purchasing system, you can enable consumers to make purchases. Easily and instantly.

World class CSR

The Commercial Group has always placed sustainability at the heart of its business operations. From low-emission delivery vehicles to the ground-breaking Commercial Foundation, sustainability is embedded across our business.

When you choose Smart Technologies from Commercial, you will be ensuring that best practice CSR is built into your delivery chain.

We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.

Carl Sagan

Top 10 reasons to partner with Commercial Smart Technologies

  1. Unrivalled technical expertise
  2. Flexible management & support
  3. Partnerships with leading tech vendors
  4. Solutions designed around you
  5. Managed tech with a conscience
  6. Security comes built in
  7. Big enough to deliver, small enough to care
  8. Long-term sustainable relationships
  9. Fit for purpose today & tomorrow
  10. Solutions from hand held devices to in-store


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