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Using our retail experience to shape your customer experience

Enhancing customer experience with our tailored approach.


Experience plus

Consumers are three and a half times more likely to purchase more from a brand after a positive customer experience


Voting with your feet

On average, brands risk losing 9.5% of their revenue as a result of bad customer experience


Innovation supports service

B2B and B2C brands that use innovative customer experience strategies are three times as likely to significantly outperform financial goals


Consultative approach and customised solutions that drive sales


The retail industry is a highly competitive one, making great customer experience a necessity rather than a nice to have.  And, with technology driving innovation, as consumers seek education and entertainment, delivering on trends is key. 

We’re here to guide you through the latest technologies, help you better understand your target audience and provide insights so that you can improve your customer experience across all channels.  We’re here to help you drive sales and increase basket size.

reach new

Getting good customer service right

Customer experience should always take center stage! We will happily introduce our consultative approach and custom solutions designed to not only meet but exceed your customers’ expectations, propelling your sales to new heights.

Clarity from the outset

Being clear on your specific customer service needs and requirements is fundamental to you finding the right approach. Our experienced team is here to help you gain clarity and find a tailor-made solution.

Keeping up with technology

Rapid advancements in technology can make it difficult to keep up with the latest trends and choose the most appropriate solutions. We’re here to offer insight and implement the best applications.


Demonstrating a return on investment (ROI) is a given. All our solutions offer clear measurements for review.


It can be tricky integrating existing systems with new solutions. Our experienced team ensure a seamless implementation.


As your business grows, its needs may change.  Our customised solutions are scalable, so they can grow as you do.

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Innovative, immersive solutions that exceed customer expectations

As retail businesses seek to understand their customers better and provide an efficient and effective personalised service, there’s a focus on emerging technologies and strategies to support these needs.   

Here are some of the key innovations that are shaping the sector.


Smart tech

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are being used to personalise shopping experiences and enhance satisfaction. Meanwhile, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are building a more immersive shopping experience.


Frictionless shops, like Amazon Go, provide customers with a more convenient experience by eliminating the need for checkout lines. While the use of chatbots and voice-activated assistants provide customers with quick and efficient support.


Mobile payment options and self-checkout technologies are gaining in popularity, providing customers with a convenient and contactless shopping experience.


Personalised marketing through targeted advertising and loyalty programs is becoming more sophisticated, allowing retailers to tailor their offerings to individual customers.

Experienced consultants designing customised, smart and sustainable solutions

Our deep understanding of the retail sector allows us to deliver bespoke solutions. We work with you to truly understand your business objectives and design tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

We also have a wealth of experience in delivering complex projects within challenging timescales and budgets, while retaining the highest standards of quality and customer service. You can trust us to manage your projects from start to finish, ensuring seamless integration with your existing systems and processes.

Our commitment to sustainability and ethical business practices sets us apart from our competitors. We take pride in our responsibility to make a positive impact on the environment and society and work closely with you to ensure that our solutions align with your organisation’s values and goals.


Harnessing our experience to put you ahead

By partnering with us you can benefit from a range of services and solutions that are designed to improve your customer experience and drive sales as well as supporting upselling opportunities.


Our team of industry experts have the latest industry knowledge and insights, staying ahead of the curve when it comes to customer experience solutions.

Sustainability and social responsibility

We are committed to sustainability and social responsibility, working with suppliers who share our values, offering you solutions that improve your own organisation’s credentials.

Customised solutions

Our consultative approach ensures that solutions are tailored to specific needs, supporting customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to higher sales and brand loyalty.

Reducing costs

We create cost-effective, low-risk solutions without compromising on quality or sustainability.



We are committed to delivering solutions that have a minimal impact on the environment.

Ethical Approach

Commercial is ranked by EcoVadis as among the Top 5% ethical suppliers in the world.

Social Value

By partnering with us, you are indirectly supporting our Foundation providing opportunities for young, disadvantaged adults.


Cross-Divisional Expertise

By tapping into our range of expertise across multiple areas of our business we offer you a more holistic approach to your customer experience solutions.

Network Operations Centre (NOC)

Our support centre provides 24/7 support to ensure your systems are running smoothly and any issues are quickly resolved.


We offer a consultative approach, working closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals so that we can develop customised solutions.

Established in


Don’t just take
our word for it…

Commercial deliver. We are fortunate to work with some amazing partners. Here are some examples of great things we hear every day.

The Tesco procurement team have been delighted with the way Commercial share our desire to entrench sustainability into our supply chain – we really are kindred spirits. Our ethical and sustainability policies are of paramount importance to our reputation and the Commercial team reviewed and approved all products in a short timeframe. Commercial are already committed to the ETI base code and are working on achieving EcoVadis accreditation for all suppliers on the Tesco account.
The new Walsall Housing Group office is a fantastic, fresh and modern workplace thanks to the wonderful work of the Commercial interiors team. They created a steering group to work alongside us to understand our demands and held regular meetings during the design process to keep us informed of the progress. Our desire was for a more collaborative space, with meeting booths and one-to-one seating, rather than traditional desks – and they delivered a fantastic final fit-out over the full four-floor building.
Each year, Commercial supplies accessory packs to graduate trainees at a leading accountancy firm, which are then picked, packed, and delivered to their home addresses by the Commercial Foundation. This not only guarantees that every new employee has the necessary equipment to be productive from their first day but also allows their IT team to focus on other responsibilities. Collaborating with the Commercial Foundation generates substantial social value returns on investment for the firm and contributes to improving the lives of the Foundation's volunteers.
Wollens have enjoyed a long-standing and fruitful partnership with Commercial because they are always introducing innovations and improvements to our IT environment. As the threat of cyber-attacks increases it was vital that we strengthened our capabilities for dealing with a ransomware attack with a cloud-based backup solution. Our solution means data cannot be altered or deleted, giving us a crucial way of recovering data to minimise any potential downtime and financial losses
Working with Commercial for our branded materials has proved to be effective and collaborative. The team is efficient and they listen to requests for improvements. Commercial has made branded goods simple.
As E-commerce in retail continues to grow, Commercial’s stock-management and fulfilment expertise has allowed a leading UK retailer to free huge amounts of warehouse space. Commercial took on the stocking of our employee uniform, transferring to a new supplier with the management of the supply being consolidated into their existing supply accounts. Not only did this free vital space in their distribution centre, the consolidated supply of all GNFR delivered significant delivery cost savings.
At JoJo Maman Bébé we are happy to work with the Commercial Foundation and support inspiring work they do to help disadvantaged young adults. Like us, the Foundation are a B Corp certified organisation that is proven to put purpose ahead of profits. We have enjoyed working with their volunteers to help with a mug-making activity. We are now working alongside them to create an introduction gift for our new employees, these include printed mugs, pens and notebooks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our expert team is here to answer any questions you have about the tech that’s going to boost your customer experience.

What is Smart Technology Customer Experience (STCE)?

This is a type of customer experience that uses various forms of technology, such as mobile applications and artificial intelligence, to better understand customers, anticipate their needs and provide a personalised service.

How does STCE benefit the retail industry?

STCE can help retailers improve customer engagement and loyalty by providing a personalised customer experience. It can also help retailers boost their sales by offering customers tailored and timely offers, promotions and recommendations.

What types of technology are used in STCE?

STCE typically uses a combination of mobile applications, artificial intelligence and other forms of advanced analytics to better understand customer behaviours and needs.

How can retailers leverage STCE to improve customer experience?

Retailers can use STCE to better understand their customers’ preferences and needs, provide more personalised service and give tailored and timely offers. They can also use STCE to better analyse customer data and identify potential growth opportunities.

What are the potential risks associated with STCE?

The potential risks associated with STCE include data privacy and security, customer trust and customer loyalty.

How can retailers ensure customer data privacy and security when using STCE?

Retailers should ensure that any customer data collected is kept secure and encrypted, and that customers are provided with clear explanations about how their data is used and stored.

What are the benefits of using STCE for customer service?

STCE can help retailers improve customer service by providing faster response times, more personalised support and a better understanding of customer needs.

What are the potential drawbacks of using STCE?

The potential drawbacks of using STCE include customer privacy concerns and the potential for errors due to reliance on technology.

What are the benefits of using STCE for marketing purposes?

STCE can help retailers better understand customer preferences and needs in order to deliver tailored and timely offers and promotions. It can also help retailers identify potential growth opportunities in their customer base.

How can retailers ensure customer trust when using STCE?

Retailers should ensure that customers are provided with clear explanations about how their data is used, stored and kept secure. They should also make sure that customer data is never sold or shared without customer permission.


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