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Our fleet

Reducing the environmental impacts of moving people and goods is crucial to Commercial’s goal to be Net-Zero by 2028.


Driving down emissions

From providing clients with next-day deliveries or consolidated orders, to managing the movement of goods and services, plus measuring our employee’s day to day activities, driving down vehicle emissions is a major commitment for Commercial.

In fact, it was one of the first challenges we realised we must overcome when we embarked on our sustainability journey back in 2006. We have been involved in number of consortia to trial alternative fuels – including biodiesel, hydrogen and electric – since 2007, and signed up to the Clean Van Commitment pledging zero tailpipe emissions by 2028. We are also members of Hydrogen London promoting dialogue and action within the UK’s low carbon agenda.

Fleet Management

We partner with a fleet management company who help us empower our staff to become safer and more efficient drivers. With each driver completing bespoke daily to monthly vehicle checks, we can maintain a healthy road-safe fleet. Added to that, quarterly e-learning sessions are made available to all our drivers, with additional in-vehicle training, to help improve safety and driver peace of mind.

Our fleet management is crucial to ensuring the safety of all drivers and in supporting the SDG target 3.6, which includes a reduction in road traffic deaths and injuries globally by 50% by 2030.

Making every mile count

means saying goodbye to empty vans and hello to recycling


One of the ways that we manage our fleets impact is to minimise the occasions on which empty vans are on the road. As a service that began in London, Commercial vans collect our clients’ recycling when we drop off their supplies, turning empty miles into useful miles.
In 2022 this service was extended nationwide, through our partnership with First Mile.
More than 30 different waste streams include coat hangers and security tags, food and coffee grounds.
Nothing we collect goes to landfill. Any waste that can’t be recycled is used to generate electricity.


We’re on the road to zero, company-wide

Our van fleet has been hydrogen-fuelled since 2012, saving 75% of CO2 for each mile travelled, compared to a diesel van. And in 2022, we launched our fully electric delivery fleet.
Elsewhere, we’ve committed to 30% of our national van fleet being zero emission by 2025, rising to 100% by 2028.

Of course, the problem is not just about vans moving goods; our team needs to move around the country too. We have set an ambitious strategy to eliminate all emissions within the company fleet.

Commercial stopped purchasing full diesel or petrol cars since 2021. Our vehicle replacement strategy is increasing year-on-year, and we’re on track to reach our goal, that 75% of our company cars will either be a hybrid or zero-emission vehicles by 2025. At that point, we’ll no longer purchase hybrid cars, as we strive to achieve a zero-emissions fleet by 2028.




Wheels around the world

We have been proud supporters of World Bicycle Relief since [2019] – this partnership makes up our bicycle twinning programme. Whenever we add a car or van to our company fleet, we donate a new bicycle to someone in one of the world’s poorest countries. And even if it’s a quiet year on the fleet front, we’ve committed to donating at least five bicycles per year. Often, these bicycles are donated to girls, giving them a safer way to get to school.

It’s not just the bicycles that are giving people easier access in and around their communities. The programme also trains mechanics, making it a sustainable and self-sufficient way to transform communities.


Total bicycles donated by the end of 2023


Countries received bicycles in 2022


Total pounds donated by the end of 2023

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Helping people to access services in their communities


Supporting everyday lives in deprived rural regions of the world

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Connecting with communities far from our home territory

We are commited to making a tangible difference in people’s lives

We are incredibly grateful to have Commercial Group as our partner, not only for their commitment to sustainable practices but also for their dedication to our cause. With their innovative programme of donating a bicycle for every sales vehicle they add, Commercial Group is making a significant impact in our efforts to provide sustainable mobility to those who need it most.

Thank you, Commercial, for your unwavering support in creating a better world, one bike at a time.

Allison Dufosee
Chief Executive, World Bicycle Relief


Reducing negative impacts on health and the environment


Traffic pollution is damaging to human health and to the natural world. And so, the move to low emission vehicles – such as our investment in hydrogen-fuelled and electric vehicles – is critical for delivering air quality benefits at a local level.


Scientific Research

Delving into the depths of knowledge, scientific research seeks to unravel mysteries and advance human understanding across disciplines.

King’s College London

Five of our drivers took part in a study by researchers from King’s College on the impact of traffic pollution, published in 2019.

Diesel exhaust

Black carbon is an indicator of incomplete fuel combustion, the primary source of which, while driving, is diesel exhaust.

Monitored levels

The black carbon detected by monitors worn by the drivers who participated was higher than all other occupations except taxi drivers.

Driver exposure

Our drivers showed a higher exposure to black carbon during their working hours of driving, with spikes correlating to traffic congestion.

Powered by sunshine

The key to Commercial achieving zero tailpipe emissions in London has been the switch to electric

In 2022, we invested in a new fleet of electric vans for deliveries across the capital’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). Ensuring our drivers, and local communities, are not being exposed to air pollutants derived from fossil fuels.

We even charge those vans from the solar array we have at our Perivale base, meaning all our journeys are powered by sunshine.

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making our company more environmentally conscious

In an era where the importance of environmental consciousness cannot be overstated, our Sustainability Team has risen to the challenge with unwavering commitment and innovative thinking. Led by their passion for creating a better and more sustainable future, they have implemented strategies that not only benefit our company but also contribute to the greater good.

Simone Hindmarch

Co-founder and managing director