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Creating memorable customer experiences

Empowering tomorrow using innovative retail solutions and exploring the possibilities of smart technology
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Unforgettable Customer Experiences

Smart Technology to drive sales


From creative advertising that gets customers through the door, to memorable experiences that keep them coming back for more, Smart Technologies can make all the difference.

We will design the very best solution for you, over the decades we’ve built world class relationships with the industry’s most innovative providers – so that we can craft a unique and irresistible retail offer. We also work closely with you and your teams, to learn more about your business and feed your experiences back to our network of providers to improve their products and services.

Access to the whole market

We are independent, meaning we aren’t tied to any manufacturer, so can take advantage of the innovations and technologies that will get the best results for your business.

How Commercial is making a difference

Join us as we uncover the new ways in which businesses can harness the power of smart technology to propel their growth, boost customer engagement, and stay ahead of the competition

Sustainable retail experiences

We carefully choose our partners, and vet all of their products, so that we never build, design, or recommend anything that doesn’t make your business more eco-friendly. From energy-efficient technologies to virtual experiences, everything we build moves you toward a greener retail future.

bespoke solutions

Innovation for unique retailers

As customer behaviour changes and evolves, your solutions need to as well. Maintaining your competitive advantage in a digital world usually means staying one step ahead through technology, which is why we offer completely bespoke builds.

Increasing basket sizes

Upselling and cross-selling opportunities via customised retail technologies.

Driving repeat business

Creating customer loyalty and tempting customers back to your shops.

Customer experience

Creating memorable customer experiences

Customer behaviour is driven by customer experience, which is all in your hands. By educating and entertaining your visitors, you can directly influence sales and make your business infinitely more profitable.










Don’t just take
our word for it…

Commercial deliver. We are fortunate to work with some amazing partners. Here are some examples of great things we hear every day.

Despite being with their previous supplier for 15 years, a leading retailer was told that their business supplies contract could not easily transfer to a new supplier. Commercial has proven this statement wrong. Since transitioning to Commercial, the retailer has experienced minimal disruption across their network of 550 stores. The account switch was meticulously and accurately implemented, and they continue to receive outstanding customer service from the Commercial account team.


Animated ads to captivate the crowd

Take over public spaces and create impact with digital screen advertising, where the possibilities for innovation and creativity are endless. Drive brand awareness, attract new customers, or launch new products in some of the world’s busiest indoor and outdoor locations. Target your campaigns by geography and audience, to enjoy huge returns on your advertising budgets.

Your success is just one click away – access Commercial’s expert advice.

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In-store audio

Immersive audio for retail spaces

Tune into a more strategic approach to in-store audio, which creates positive customer experiences, influences behaviour and sales and aids persuasion.

From choosing the right playlist, volume, or speaker layout for background music, to utilising audio cues and voice technology for immersive experiences – our sound engineers and retail experts have you covered.

  • Boost sales
  • Increase dwell time
  • Elevate wellbeing
  • Create audio zones
  • Improve satisfaction
  • Drive engagement


Why choose Commercial? 

We’ve been supporting clients to create memorable retail experiences for decades, using both traditional and hi-tech solutions. By partnering with the best providers in the market and building customised setups, we deliver value for your business, across the board.

Working with you
We’ll get to know your business, your retail spaces, and the outcomes you want to achieve. By embedding within your organisation, we’ll make your objectives our own and design the very best solutions that work towards your ambitions.
Working with experts
We’ll build a project team of retail specialists, technology engineers, sustainability consultants and more – so that we can attack your challenge from every angle.
Working with sustainability
Energy efficiency, recycled materials, and sustainable behaviours are at the core of every retail project we deliver. We’ll bring this planet-first mindset to your business and help you become a more sustainable organisation.


Digital signage for a dynamic world

Bring your retail spaces to life with digital screens which capture attention, increase dwell time, and drive customers towards a sale. Showcase your creativity and create dynamic experiences that help move your brand forward and bring your customers back for more.

Multi-screen displays

Flexible product advertising across multiple locations.

Interactive points of sale

Smarter interaction with products and advertising.

Smart mirrors

Engaging and personalised shopping experiences.

Self-checkout kiosks

Quicker and easier purchasing for customers.


Creating out of this world in-store experiences
Convince your customers to make positive sales decisions by providing them with an excellent experience in your retail spaces. From tried and tested technology to brand new innovations, we can build custom solutions which are tailored to your exact physical setup.
Ensure an immersive customer experience with augmented and virtuality reality, or invite action through interactivity, to help move people one step closer to a sale.
Help your customers feel like more than just customers, by using smart in-store technology to give them an in-store experience which is unique and personal to them.

Smart solution

Established in


Don’t just take
our word for it…

Commercial deliver. We are fortunate to work with some amazing partners. Here are some examples of great things we hear every day.

Commercial have done an amazing job supporting Costa in the supply, installation and service support of digital menu board products in Costa stores. Their expertise has delivered a solution that is transforming the way we are able to advertise to, interact with, and serve our customers in our stores. Their commitment to innovation means we are looking forward to working with them to identify, develop and implement further improvements in the coming years.
The innovative approach of the Commercial team enabled Crew Clothing to revamp our in-store environment, delivering a modern and fresh appearance to our point-of-sale (POS) advertising. Their smart technologies team installed a 65-inch digital display, connected to a content management system that we oversee for daily updates, providing us with fresh content regularly. This has empowered our in-store teams with the flexibility to adjust sales campaigns and advertising to various situations, resulting in a completely transformed in-store experience for our valued customers.
The Tesco procurement team have been delighted with the way Commercial share our desire to entrench sustainability into our supply chain – we really are kindred spirits. Our ethical and sustainability policies are of paramount importance to our reputation and the Commercial team reviewed and approved all products in a short timeframe. Commercial are already committed to the ETI base code and are working on achieving EcoVadis accreditation for all suppliers on the Tesco account.
The new Walsall Housing Group office is a fantastic, fresh and modern workplace thanks to the wonderful work of the Commercial interiors team. They created a steering group to work alongside us to understand our demands and held regular meetings during the design process to keep us informed of the progress. Our desire was for a more collaborative space, with meeting booths and one-to-one seating, rather than traditional desks – and they delivered a fantastic final fit-out over the full four-floor building.
Each year, Commercial supplies accessory packs to graduate trainees at a leading accountancy firm, which are then picked, packed, and delivered to their home addresses by the Commercial Foundation. This not only guarantees that every new employee has the necessary equipment to be productive from their first day but also allows their IT team to focus on other responsibilities. Collaborating with the Commercial Foundation generates substantial social value returns on investment for the firm and contributes to improving the lives of the Foundation's volunteers.
Wollens have enjoyed a long-standing and fruitful partnership with Commercial because they are always introducing innovations and improvements to our IT environment. As the threat of cyber-attacks increases it was vital that we strengthened our capabilities for dealing with a ransomware attack with a cloud-based backup solution. Our solution means data cannot be altered or deleted, giving us a crucial way of recovering data to minimise any potential downtime and financial losses
Working with Commercial for our branded materials has proved to be effective and collaborative. The team is efficient and they listen to requests for improvements. Commercial has made branded goods simple.
As E-commerce in retail continues to grow, Commercial’s stock-management and fulfilment expertise has allowed a leading UK retailer to free huge amounts of warehouse space. Commercial took on the stocking of our employee uniform, transferring to a new supplier with the management of the supply being consolidated into their existing supply accounts. Not only did this free vital space in their distribution centre, the consolidated supply of all GNFR delivered significant delivery cost savings.
At JoJo Maman Bébé we are happy to work with the Commercial Foundation and support inspiring work they do to help disadvantaged young adults. Like us, the Foundation are a B Corp certified organisation that is proven to put purpose ahead of profits. We have enjoyed working with their volunteers to help with a mug-making activity. We are now working alongside them to create an introduction gift for our new employees, these include printed mugs, pens and notebooks.

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Putting the power of robots to work in your retail experience.


Creating a retail revolution

Innovative and automated solutions to help you keep up with increasing consumer demand and changing customer behaviours. Put cutting edge technology to work in your stores and warehouses, to make sure supply can meet demand.

    • Picking and packing
    • Automate manual tasks
    • Cleaning and maintenance
    • Deliveries


of retail tasks
could be automated
by 2025.


more professional
service robots are
sold year-on-year.

Sensory experience

Unforgettable shopping experiences


It takes a lot to stand out, and be remembered, in retail today. As customers seek out more unique and engaging retailers, sensory technology can help to create immersive environments that command attention.

Visual and audio

Dazzle your customers with screen and sound, to create dynamic and customised experiences across your retail locations.
Tactile and aromatic
Use touch and scent to inspire evocative experiences that generate specific emotions and drive desirable actions.

Giving customers a brand-new way to shop.


Reinventing retail in the digital universe

Deliver captivating experiences remotely or in-person, with virtual technologies that create unique experiences for shoppers all around the world. From virtual in-store changing rooms, to fully recreated virtual shops that can be browsed from home, this technology gives your customers endless options.


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