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World-class technology solutions for retailers

Bespoke solutions for Retail.

Smart Retail Market to Reach $91.36 Billion By 2030.


In 2020, online retail accounted for 32% of total retail sales in the UK.


Of UK retailers use AI-powered chatbot technology to better serve customers.

Increase efficiency & boost customer experience.

Innovative solutions to keep
you ahead of your competition.

In today’s ever-changing retail market, innovation is key to competitive advantage. Understanding your customers, capitalising on industry insight and harnessing the latest technology ensures you are delivering at every level, from driving sales and increasing customer attention, to increasing baskets size and upselling.

Working with us in a bespoke partnership tailored to your organisation’s needs, allows you to do just that. Giving you the opportunity to harness your team’s skills and knowledge, and equipping you to lead the way.


Overcoming your Challenges

We’re here to help

In a place where increased efficiency and enhanced customer experience converge we are excited to introduce our innovative solutions that will propel you ahead of your competition, ensuring you not only survive but thrive in today’s dynamic market.

Finding the right fit

Our bespoke consultancy-led approach offers flexibility to meet your needs.


We love to listen and collaborate. We get your challenges and deliver on your goals.


Appreciating resource parameters, we work with budgets to offer the best solutions.


Our clear and customised solutions negate the need for lengthy review, saving you time.


Assessment of options can be complex and time consuming, just leave it to us.

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Embracing change, flexing outputs – we’re always looking forward.

Customer habits, behaviours and outlooks are changing and, as a result, the industry is having to adapt. Analytics reveal insight to shape marketing campaigns and personalise customer experiences.

Omnichannel experiences

Hybrid shopping wherever it’s convenient. Bridging the gap between physical and digital stores, smart technology can enable customers to start an order online and finish it in store. Or vice versa.

Mobile technology & digital payments

Need for seamless and secure mobile experience. 67% of UK retailers have seen increased use of mobile payments since 2019, according to Worldpay, 2020.

AI & virtual and augmented reality

Enhancing the customer experience instore and online. UK retailers are investing in AI-powered chatbot technology to better serve customers, with 32% of retailers currently using the technology, reports Worldpay, 2020.

3D bespoke printing

On-demand and customised items, fast. 3D printing will make it easier to quickly produce on-demand items and customise products to suit individual needs. Reducing the cost and complexity of traditional manufacturing processes, means retailers can offer more affordable goods.

Expertise and experience that’s the perfect fit.

With more than 100+ years’ combined experience working with retail clients of all sizes and across the country, our team has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the retail industry.

Our consultancy-led approach means that we work closely with you to understand your specific needs and goals and to customise solutions tailored to your circumstances. We’re also proud to partner with world-class companies, offering you access to cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions.

Whether you are looking to improve customer engagement, increase sales, or optimise your retail spaces, we have the expertise, experience and resources to deliver customised solutions that meet your needs.

bringing you the benefits of our experience

Our difference is
what sets your brand apart.

Commercial’s unique combination of expertise, sustainability and innovation sets us apart in the industry. If you’re seeking to make a positive impact on the world, then ours could be the perfect partnership, making your business distinctive too.

Driving improvement

As partners, we are committed to ongoing innovation to support efficiency and improved outcomes for your business.

Reducing costs

Our expert team creates cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or sustainability.

Connected technologies

Drive better outcomes and improve the bottom line, through seamless technologies, customised analytics, real-time insights and actionable recommendations.

Enhancing customer experience

Optimising retail spaces will enhance the customer experience.  This can lead to increased customer loyalty, higher sales and improved brand reputation.



Commercial is ranked by EcoVadis as among the Top 5% ethical suppliers in the world.


Getting to know you so that we can develop customised solutions.

Social value

By partnering with us, you’re supporting our Foundation providing opportunities for young, disadvantaged adults.



Always looking ahead, we deliver the most advanced and effective solutions for clients.


Multiple technologies working together to improve the customer experience.

Multiple benefits

The right tech, including AI, can be used to personalise the customer experience, optimise marketing campaigns, and automate processes.

Established in


Don’t just take
our word for it…

Commercial deliver. We are fortunate to work with some amazing partners. Here are some examples of great things we hear every day.

The new Walsall Housing Group office is a fantastic, fresh and modern workplace thanks to the wonderful work of the Commercial interiors team. They created a steering group to work alongside us to understand our demands and held regular meetings during the design process to keep us informed of the progress. Our desire was for a more collaborative space, with meeting booths and one-to-one seating, rather than traditional desks – and they delivered a fantastic final fit-out over the full four-floor building.
Each year, Commercial supplies accessory packs to graduate trainees at a leading accountancy firm, which are then picked, packed, and delivered to their home addresses by the Commercial Foundation. This not only guarantees that every new employee has the necessary equipment to be productive from their first day but also allows their IT team to focus on other responsibilities. Collaborating with the Commercial Foundation generates substantial social value returns on investment for the firm and contributes to improving the lives of the Foundation's volunteers.
Wollens have enjoyed a long-standing and fruitful partnership with Commercial because they are always introducing innovations and improvements to our IT environment. As the threat of cyber-attacks increases it was vital that we strengthened our capabilities for dealing with a ransomware attack with a cloud-based backup solution. Our solution means data cannot be altered or deleted, giving us a crucial way of recovering data to minimise any potential downtime and financial losses
Working with Commercial for our branded materials has proved to be effective and collaborative. The team is efficient and they listen to requests for improvements. Commercial has made branded goods simple.
As E-commerce in retail continues to grow, Commercial’s stock-management and fulfilment expertise has allowed a leading UK retailer to free huge amounts of warehouse space. Commercial took on the stocking of our employee uniform, transferring to a new supplier with the management of the supply being consolidated into their existing supply accounts. Not only did this free vital space in their distribution centre, the consolidated supply of all GNFR delivered significant delivery cost savings.
At JoJo Maman Bébé we are happy to work with the Commercial Foundation and support inspiring work they do to help disadvantaged young adults. Like us, the Foundation are a B Corp certified organisation that is proven to put purpose ahead of profits. We have enjoyed working with their volunteers to help with a mug-making activity. We are now working alongside them to create an introduction gift for our new employees, these include printed mugs, pens and notebooks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is standing by, ready to talk with you about bespoke solutions in smart tech. But first, here’s some information you may find helpful.

What do we mean by Smart Technology Bespoke Solutions in the retail industry?

This refers to a bespoke set of technology-based products, services and tools designed to meet the needs of individual retail businesses. These solutions can be used to help streamline processes, increase efficiency and improve customer experience. 

What are the advantages of using Smart Technology in the retail industry?

As well as helping retail businesses to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer experience, smart tech can also provide real-time insights into customer behaviour, enable better decision-making and help to manage supply chains more efficiently.

What types of Smart Technology Solutions are available in the retail industry?

Smart tech can include everything from services such as point-of-sale systems, inventory management systems, and customer relationship management systems, to e-commerce platforms and loyalty programmes. The use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) can create immersive, interactive experiences for customers.

How can Smart Technology Solutions in the retail industry help to improve customer experience?

There are lots of benefits, not least having real-time insights into customer behaviour and using that to  improve the  customer experience, enabling retailers to personalise their services and offer loyalty reward programmes.

How can Smart Technology Solutions in the retail industry help to reduce costs?

Cost efficiencies can be achieved by streamlining processes and automating tasks, reducing the need for manual labour and improving inventory management. 

What is the best way to ensure successful implementation of Smart Technology Solutions in the retail industry?

The key is to partner with a trusted technology provider, like Commercial. We’ll work closely together to ensure that the right solution is chosen and that it is properly implemented and maintained. 

What are the challenges associated with using Smart Technology Solutions in the retail industry?

Getting the most out of smart technology requires investing in specialised software and hardware, then updating systems frequently. Cyber security is paramount and Commercial’s specialist team is on hand to advise.

What types of retail businesses can benefit from Smart Technology Solutions?

Everyone! From small independent stores to large retail chains, Commercial supports retail clients nationwide to find the right solution for them. 


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