Your customers now shop and interact with brands in a different way. From their laptop, they can buy with one click, receive suggestions on other products and order click and collect.

Now they want the same experiences when they shop in-store. Responsive environments that give them more choice, tailored to them. Where the digital and physical truly come together to create immersive and enjoyable experiences.

Commercial Smart Technologies brings the virtual, online world into your built environment, driving engagement for the customer and revenue for you. And by connecting with customers at key touchpoints, you can gain and use real insight about them to influence their decision making.

Digital signage

Your customers want to be welcomed and treated as individuals, with information that is targeted and relevant to them. Combined with traditional digital signage, we offer a range of products that lets you harness screens, video walls, tablets and shelf displays to create dynamic messaging that will value.

You can add synchronised audio alongside signage to create even more impact and surround your customers in the experience, and update information and price tags as circumstances change. With Smart Technologies, you have complete control over your messaging. You can centrally manage the messages and see the actual value in these messages based on glance and dwell time.

We offer a range of solutions that are ready to go. All run on reliable software driven by real-time rules that is compatible with all major devices and operating systems.




Whether you are a retailer looking to install dynamic digital signs in a fast-moving environment, or charity wanting to introduce new and inspiring ways for supporters to make donations, we’re here to help. We can look at your objectives to create the ideal plan of action for you.

Every project is different, and we’ll consider the business objectives, target audiences, existing technology and your budget to put a plan together. Thanks to our expertise and our unique partners, we can also bring the ideal team together to implement your solution.

Custom development

You want to know that your software and technology can develop over time as your needs change. Our software is highly flexible, and we can introduce customised features such as interactive applications or automated content generation and management.

Thanks to our in-house development team, we can configure software for highly complex projects too. Your Business Development Manager at Commercial will be able to tell you just what’s possible.

Monitoring & support

Our hardware and software are reliable, robust and designed to last. For complete reassurance, we can provide ongoing support should you need it. Our technical services department offers a range of support packages. Simply choose the level of support and the response times that suit your needs.

We also offer monitoring services, where we remotely monitor your devices and signage to spot any problems in your network before they become an issue. Again, there is a range of packages to choose from to suit your budget and requirements.

Smart vending

The key to getting the most out of your digital signage is connectivity. Devices and signage work most effectively not in isolation, but when they are integrated and delivering consistent messaging to your customers.

This sophisticated connectivity enables you to gain critical insights that you can act upon. Smart Vending means you can trigger digital screen promotions based on customer demographics, providing them with information, products and offers that inspire them to buy.

You can also harness data about real-stock levels to offer a fully accurate and responsive service to every shopper. Only one item left in stock? Then offer a discount. No items in their size? Instantly find alternatives that they might be interested in.

Technology has forever changed the world we live in. We're online, in one way or another, all day long. Our phones and computers have become reflections of our personalities, our interests, and our identities. They hold much that is important to us.

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