Your customers now shop and interact with brands in a different way. From their laptop, they can buy with one click, receive suggestions on other products and order click and collect.

Now they want the same experiences when they shop in-store. Responsive environments that give them more choice, tailored to them. Where the digital and physical truly come together to create immersive and enjoyable experiences.

Commercial Smart Technologies brings the virtual, online world into your built environment, driving engagement for the customer and revenue for you. And by connecting with customers at key touchpoints, you can gain and use real insight about them to influence their decision making.


The world of retail has changed forever. Customers want to interact with brands and products in sophisticated and immersive ways, receiving tailored offers when they shop.

From in-store digital signage to kiosks for grab-and-buy promotions, we have the expertise to be able to deliver the Smart Technology that gives consumers an exciting and compelling experience whenever they shop. We can help you install technology that can display content for specific promotions as well as including local details such as events and weather.

We can also monitor and manage your signage and devices for you, harnessing data to enable you to make informed decisions and seize opportunities to drive revenue.

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.

Bill Gates


As the world goes cashless, not everyone benefits. Many charities rely on cash donations and can face falling revenue. Any barrier to giving can make it difficult for donors to support a cause they care about.

Smart technology enables charity supporters to make contactless donations via digital devices such as smart jackets, smart windows and even smart vehicles.

The technology comes with analytics and support built in, monitoring donation levels and processing gifts to generate thank you messages for donors. As a result, even small, local charities can generate donations and maximise revenue.

Hyper local

The local community has always been extremely important to Commercial. We started from humble, local beginnings and remain passionate about connecting small business in our area.

Hyper local is a network of connected screens in your area, displaying content that is relevant to your customers. Positioned amongst traditional ad space, the screens show free advertising for networked businesses in the immediate area, plus extra information for the host business, as well as local news and traffic.

Hyper local connects your customers with information that is relevant to them, while they wait. The content can even change depending on the weather. Cold and wet? There could be more adverts for soups and coffees. Hot and sunny? Screens could display notices about a local beer garden or fruit and veg store.

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

Dean Kamen


Digital screens and virtual reality offer vast potential for homebuilders, enabling them to showcase homes before they are built to prospective buyers. However, all too often the technology doesn’t go further than simply showing architects’ plans or a generic show home.

By harnessing smart technology, homebuilders can offer an interactive experience, where browsers can change every aspect of a property to test out their choices about their future home.

Browsers can add their contact details to receive brochures and updates on developments. The technology also enables sales staff to upsell features such as bathrooms or furnishings at the touch of a button.

Hospitality & corporate

In recent years, the hospitality and corporate sectors have started using smart technology to improve an end-user’s experience and boost the productivity of a team.

Our consultants can work closely with your business to tailor our advanced CMS, delivering the possibilities of digital concierge, with room-booking kiosks that are integrated with Microsoft Exchange,

The multi-zone software is not only capable of linking with interactive screens around a building and a network, but it can also provide site-wide alerts such as fire drill, emergency evacuation or lock down. Our solutions are designed to enhance the human element of service rather than replace it.

Out of home advertising

Smart technology helps businesses address an audience whilst they are travelling. From an estate agent capturing information or making bookings on an interactive screen, through to a car show room attracting potential customers in passing traffic, we can help your business make the most of the opportunities available.

High bright, out of home digital displays are weatherproof, vandal-proof and provide
a 24x7x365 advertising platform for your business.

By using combinations of LCD and LED technology, our consultants can review your point of transit locations and provide the right solution for your business, no matter the size or sector.


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