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How to create a smarter world and drive revenue

Thinking omnichannel and optimising revenue

Shoppers and clients don’t think about the real world or the virtual world as separate entities. To them, real and virtual are linked. They are happy browsing online then coming in-store to make a purchase, or ordering in-store from a hand-held device. Your customers think omnichannel, and so should every successful brand.

By making the shopping experience engaging and exciting, you can leverage your physical presence to make every store a flagship and delight every customer.

For instance, every brick-and-mortar outlet can engage and attract customers with virtual shelves and price tags, enabling them to browse through a complete product portfolio and make choices even before seeing the real item in the flesh.

Enhancing the staff experience

Your staff want to give the very best possible customer service. Yet, in fast-moving retail environments, it can be difficult keeping track of the latest stock and prices.

A smart store can provide tools and features that will enhance staff training and knowledge. With devices such as tablets or smart watches, your colleagues can check on product information and share details with customers. They can also receive triggers and alerts when there are issues such as queues at a checkout, for example.

By encouraging staff to become interactive and engaged themselves, you will increase staff satisfaction and enhance customer service. That means committed shop assistants, happy customers and increased sales.


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