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Increase efficiency by prioritising space utilisation

Reinventing your workspace
Love It Or List It?

Taking a look at the way you use your workspace can reinvigorate your business.
Published: 26/03/2024

Rising energy prices, agile working styles and a rapidly changing corporate climate mean the benefits of efficient space utilisation are clear for all to see.

By Patrick Stennett, Head of Interiors at Commercial

As the credits roll on another Kirstie and Phil home renovation, I was left wondering whether Love It or List It might also be applied to the workplace?
The challenges faced by both home and business owners nowadays share a lot of similarities, so maybe the solutions do too? Humour me a little, while I explain…

For those unfamiliar with the Love It or List It format, the duo renovate a home before offering the owners the opportunity to either stay in the newly refurbished house or to list it for sale, hence the name.

With homeowners often seeking inspiration to make the most out of the space available to them, many organisations could similarly benefit from looking at space utilisation and whether your office is suitable for the needs of the business right now and in the future. That said, the answer to the problem may not be as black and white for workplaces as it is for homeowners, especially without the help of experts to find the ideal solution and maximise both your space and your investment.

The kids are off to university

The needs of a workplace in 2024 are drastically different to what was required even just a few short years ago, with much more weight now placed on the importance of work-life balance, and the advantages of hybrid working made clear to businesses and their teams alike.

If the kids were leaving home, you might consider downsizing, right?

With 85% of organisations now offering flexible workspaces, finding an office space which is more suited to your current needs is a big priority when it comes to future proofing your business.

A Commercial Space Utilisation Survey can help to identify any wasted or overcrowded spaces, but this data needs to be turned into action, and it’s important to have the right expertise to help guide you through the next steps, whether that be redesign, expansion or downsizing.
Businesses also need an office space which is worth the commute, a place where everyone feels that their health and wellbeing is prioritised, not just their output.

Workplaces now need to be destinations, not obligations. To recruit the best talent and keep hold of them, reinventing your office space can help ensure your colleagues feel they have a place to work that is not only productive, but comfortable, accessible and green!

A project Commercial completed for *Walsall Housing Group* springs to mind here, one which showed that we had the capacity for redesign in order to accommodate more agile working styles.

Greenhouse in the garden

There’s scarcely a household in the country which hasn’t felt the effects of rising energy prices over the past couple of years, and where many may defer to cost cutting guru Martin Lewis to help pinch pennies at home, for modern workplaces operating in the current corporate climate, it may not seem as straightforward.

Energy reduction is a priority, and you can increase not only efficiency in terms of output but also energy efficiency through redesign. Taking the opportunity to reduce your costs where possible can help to keep your project under budget!

A Commercial Green Audit can also give you the detailed data you need to help your journey towards meeting sustainability goals. This includes the looming 2027 deadline for EPC compliance, which could see businesses hit with a £150,000 fine for failure to achieve a C rating or above on all commercial properties.

Reinventing your workspace could be the logical next step for your business in the quest for net zero.

Getting the surveyors round

Kirstie and Phil often find themselves in a “race for space”, and businesses now face a similar struggle. Using smart technology in the correct places can give you a range of data to help maximise the use of your workspace, like motion sensors able to identify the hot spots or empty nests and adjust your energy usage accordingly.

Once the results are in, you need the right expertise to identify trends, patterns and possible actions. Whether that be knocking the garage down, building that new conservatory or starting the house hunt all over again!

If Commercial’s ongoing Value of Space campaign has taught us one thing, it’s that all our clients need to reconsider the way offices can be used to their fullest, to put the time into figuring out if you can maximise your investment on space to better suit your business needs.

Dad wants a conservatory, mum wants a home office

One of the hardest parts of any renovation is pleasing all parties, as Kirstie, Phil and anyone else who has undergone the process with a partner is likely well aware.

Businesses now need to be agile enough to cater for hybrid working, whether that be collaborative or focused workspaces, breakout rooms or just an area to take five and decompress.

It’s vital for your workplace to be able to meet the needs of different kinds of workers, as well as creating an efficient and comfortable layout while ensuring that the space meets your budget.

Whether your business needs suit redesign or relocation, there has never been a better time to reinvent your workspace.

Commercial client *French Connection* can attest to their smooth transition between workspaces thanks to our move management team, who were able to move their offices from one floor of their building to the other with minimum disruption.

Want to know how to deal with a cyber-attack? Click here for Commercial’s expert advice.

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