Workplace Consultancy

Utilising space to fit your organisation’s structure, relationships and ways of working

To create a workspace that sparks innovation, enhances performance and drives efficiencies, it's important to understand how your current workspace is actually used.

Do you actually need more office space? Or could the space you have be used more effectively? Is the conference room underused? Are half the desks empty? Is more space needed for collaborative work?

Because we don’t have a house style, or a one-size-fits-all approach, every workspace that Commercial Interiors design is different, stimulating and totally unique to your organisation.

At Commercial Interiors we’re all about delivering inspirational workspaces. It’s probably why we’ve won a fair few awards over the last 25 years.

Gathering data is the surest way to increase the overall effectiveness of your workplace.

How we do it:

Your workspace should spark innovation, enhance performance and drives efficiencies.

As part of the process we look at how your workspace is currently used and the different work styles of your teams. We then carry out a full workspace audit using sophisticated analysis tools.

With a clear picture, we can help you deliver a work environment that’s fit for purpose.

Fact Find

We begin by immersing ourselves into your business. Datasheets and workplace questionnaires help us gain a deep understanding of your organisation, and we also run in-house workshops and hold fact-finding meetings to identify problem areas.

Future Proof

We meet with key stakeholders to understand the needs of the business. How does it work now? How do you want the business to work? What are the plans for the future? It’s vital that any changes to your workspace are futureproofed.


We then look deeper at the different workstyles in your organisation and how the impact of technologies have changed the way people work, and finally we take a full survey of all your current furniture assets and buildings.


When we’ve gathered all the data, we will have a clear picture of how many desks are actually occupied, how often the meeting room is actually used, and what your staff need in order to become more efficient than ever before.

More about us:

We’re not afraid of difference and create unique spaces that sets your workspace apart.


You can rest assured that you will benefit from a first class interior delivered on time and budget.


Move Management
Whatever the scale of the project we carefully manage and deliver the whole process for you.


We will source the right product to meet your aspirations and your budget every time.


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