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Are you making the most of Teams

Are you makingTHE MOST OF TEAMS? Were you among the 95million people who downloaded Microsoft Teams for the first time during 2020? Or do you collaborate with and call colleagues with one of the other options on the market? Now is the time to … Read more

Do your part & look for the heart

It doesn’t take a world of difference to make a difference to the world... It’s during these tough times that the little things matter most. Whether it’s a call with a colleague, a message from a client or the chance to do good for someone, we … Read more

Non-Core Pricing

FOCUS ON SERVICE Don’t promise on price, promise to create a real partnership instead. The core and non-core price model, where a set price is guaranteed for the items you need and use most versus the varying cost for other less-ordered items, … Read more

Commercial Celebrates Reaccreditation

Commercial hits the environmental standard, again. Commercial has been recertified by the International Organisation for Standardization for our commitment for protecting the environment. Our Environmental Management Systems team were audited by … Read more

A Moment for Mindful Reflection

A MOMENT FOR MINDFUL REFLECTION Put on your own oxygen mask… We have all heard the speech, it’s delivered every time we fly, while the cabin crew are demonstrating the safety features. “Please, put on your own oxygen mask, before helping anyone … Read more

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