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A Myriad of Flexible Workspaces

When it comes to theorists and experimentalists they – unsurprisingly - all work in different ways. So our brief from the University of Oxford was to create a myriad of flexible workspaces that appealed to every individual and their preferred working style.

World Leading

Beecroft is a state-of-the-art building at the University of Oxford’s Parks Road Campus, which opened in 2018 and provides a working space for theorists and high-tech laboratories. It’s also one of the largest physics departments in the world.

Uniquely designed

Clad in bronze, glass and expanded copper mesh panels, the Beecroft building is modern, spacious and visually imposing. And it’s uniquely designed central atrium not only provides a focal point of the building but also creates natural collaboration spaces.

Choose Your Space

The internal space was designed so members of the department can easily flow through the space throughout the day, and work where they want, either on their own or collaborating with colleagues and discussing and developing their ideas. These informal spaces are also used for quick face to face meetings too.

Mixing It Up

We recommended an eclectic mix of furniture from informal seating on the landings, complete with blackboards for brainstorming, to tables, chairs and stools. And we chose a warm colour palette of burnt orange, red and terracotta which complements the dark wood throughout.

Breaking With Tradition

The result is a series of contemporary spaces where staff and visitors feel energised and engaged, and which meet the department’s desire to break with the traditional academic working model and transform its working methods. 

How We Did It

This project includes: Workspace design, Furniture Procurement and Installation.

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