Our Commitment

A Leadership Programme For Change

Commercial has run a successful corporate responsibility programme for a number of years. By balancing high levels of staff involvement with individuals empowered to make a difference in the company and the use of innovation to make it easy to be responsible, huge achievements have been made, helping the company to grow during a time of recession as much as a time of boom.

1. Be Positive Agents for Change

We will treat what we do as not simply being about reducing the negative impacts on the environment, but also what we can do to make it better.  As well as keeping an up to date register of our environmental impacts, we will continue to work out new ways that we can improve the communities that we work in.

2. Report Openly

We will measure and report our critical environmental impacts.  We will report through the Prince’s May Day Network, the Carbon Disclosure Project and our own reports.

3. Reduce Carbon Significantly

CarbonNeutral since 2006, we have achieved a 75% reduction in our normalised carbon emissions since 2006, meeting the class leading target we set in 2007.  We will continue to reduce our carbon footprint by a significant amount and continue to be an innovator of low carbon technologies.

4. Eliminate Waste

We set class leading targets in 2007 to reduce our waste by 75%, which we exceeded and are now the first Zero Waste company in our sector.

5. Help Customers Reduce Their Footprint.

Through our annual CSR Day, seminars, reviews, products, services and consultancy, we will help our customers improve their sustainability.

6. Create a Sustainable Supply Chain.

We will actively collaborate with suppliers to reduce the environmental footprint of products and processes, and ensure that our supply chain promotes ethical practices.

7. Help Our Local Communities.

We will use a combination of a structured approach through mechanisms, like our Charity Charter, Angel Days and Green Ambassadors, and ad hoc activity supporting staff in their own initiatives to encourage staff to engage with community programmes.

8. Care for Those Less Fortunate.

We have a responsibility towards those who do not have the advantages that we have and will actively support those less fortunate than ourselves to become the best that they can be. We will actively assist our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.

9. Empower Staff to Become the Best They Can.

As well as taking staff development seriously, management will make sure that staff are truly looked after through our HR practices and Wellbeing programme.  Being part of the Commercial family is a long term thing, which is why we have such a low staff turnover.  We support each other through the good times and the bad.

10. Influence the Big Picture.

We are leaders in our field and want to influence best practice.  To that end, we are open with our new technologies and techniques, whether it be industry specific or more general.  We will also connect with strategic bodies to encourage them when they are creating systems that the Commercial values are included.

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