Supply chain transparency and sustainability is moving up the agenda
for many organisations.

But unravelling the social and environmental impact of business processes can be complex. Commercial makes it easier to source responsibly. We benchmark our suppliers and their products, so your buyers can make informed choices – quickly.

Circular economy

Extracting maximum value from resources is essential to the sustainable office. Commercial makes it easier to achieve this through recycling and regeneration of waste. From reusable packaging and remanufactured toner cartridges to the collection of customer recycling, our services can help your organisation step back from the throwaway culture. We also support WEEE reuse and recycling via links with IT Schools Africa and Commercial Foundation’s We Do. IT.

“Using free project services provided by Commercial we have launched our fleet of green vehicles and reduced our landfill waste through recycling.”

Dean Ashby

Coventry Building Society

Procurement processes

Nobody wants office products with hidden environmental or ethical costs. That’s why we collaborate with suppliers to develop a clear picture of product credentials and supply chain integrity.

Our green categorisation system enables buyers to see at a glance which products are most environmentally sound. And purchasing habits can be tracked and measured over time to show whether buyer behaviour has shifted.

Rather than taking suppliers’ claims at face value, we engage with them and assess their processes. We consider a wide range of criteria, from quality assurance, diversity and equality to corporate responsibility and labour rights. And we use the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) to ensure our suppliers are working in an ethical manner.

Ethical Trading Initiative

We are a full member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), a leading alliance of companies, trade unions and NGOs that promotes respect for workers' rights around the globe. This involves operating in line with the ETI Base Code and extensive communication with suppliers to continually raise standards across our supply chains.  We also expect all of our suppliers to adopt the Base Code within their activities.

Products with purpose

Our Office Supplies division has launched an own-brand products with purpose range comprising paper, printer toner and notepads. A percentage of profits goes directly to Commercial Foundation, the social enterprise we set up to help disadvantaged young people turn their lives around.

“[sustainability] runs through them like Blackpool through a stick of rock. They all get it, they’re all doing it”

Mark Shayler, author of Do Disrupt

Low carbon deliveries

Assessing product claims is only one part of the sustainability equation. It’s also important to consider how goods are shipped from our nationwide distribution network to your offices.

Commercial is at the forefront of game-changing innovation here. We operate the UK’s largest privately-owned fleet of hydrogen-fuelled delivery vans. And we are introducing electric vans where delivery routes permit.  As a Go-Ultra Low company, we are committed to ensuring that plug-in vehicles make up at least 5% of our fleet by 2020.

The accountability and sustainability of our own delivery fleet is always improving. But we want to take it further. So, we are also working with Hydrogen London and LoCITY to prove the concept of hydrogen-fuelled and electric deliveries to larger fleet operators.

Commercial has deployed a 100% electric van to serve customers in west London.

Modern Slavery Act

Commercial is committed to ensuring our business and our supply chains are free from slavery. We acknowledge responsibility to comply with all principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, and have prepared published a public statement.

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