Our Cheltenham, London and Leeds offices each follow measures to reduce negative environmental impact of operations.

Waste management

Dealing with waste generated through a consumer culture is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.  All our operating locations manage waste in accordance with the waste hierarchy.

We offer a range of services to enable our customers and ourselves to contribute towards embedding a circular economy.  This includes:

  • supplying re-manufactured toner cartridges
  • collecting used toner cartridges for re-manufacture
  • battery collection
  • disposal of waste electronics
  • customer waste collection for recycling (thereby reducing duplicate journeys)

In 2013, head office waved goodbye to its last skip after a Green Angels initiative found ways to recycle waste that previously went to landfill.



Head office installed a 50kWp rooftop photovoltaic installation in 2012. By 2017 its output had produced enough clean electricity equivalent to 100 tonne CO2 emission from a conventional non-renewable source. And our London operation is powered for most of the year by its 82kw solar panel array. This supplies 75% of annual electricity.



Since 2006, all of the electricity used to power our offices has been supplied through a verified renewable tariff. This has significantly reduced CO2 emissions in comparison to a standard grid mix.

Server room cooling

Keeping servers running at a controlled temperature is essential to optimise performance. But the carbon footprint of year-round air conditioning didn’t sit well with our sustainability strategy. We’ve implemented an innovative fan-based system to reduce air temperature in server rooms, using less energy than air conditioning would require.

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