Commercial has its own well-equipped print manufacturing facility and a closely managed network of supply partners.

Print services

  • Print audit
  • Print on demand
  • Web2Print
  • Storage and logistics
  • Online portal
  • Cost reduction advice
  • Full MI reporting
  • Stock management
  • Eco-friendly gifts

In-house production

Our Cheltenham-based inhouse facility handles a wide range of print, including digital, litho, wide format and merchandise.

And Commercial’s social enterprise, based in Gloucester, also offers reliable printing, fulfilment and dye sublimation. With every £1 spent at Commercial Foundation generating a social value equivalent of £4.86, it represents an effective way to ‘buy social’ and add purpose to the supply chain.

90% of our print partners have ISO9001, ISO14001, and sustainable paper certifications as a minimum.

Vendor management

We’re continually developing and maintaining a trusted network of print partners. This enables us to offer a complete print management service that is both scalable and flexible. If we can’t fulfil a certain job inhouse, we know someone who can. And you can be assured of a seamless, high-quality outcome.

We have a dedicated vendor management team responsible for selection, auditing and ongoing review of our supply base.

A strict supplier selection process within the ISO9001 certified Quality Management System ensures high standards across quality processes, colour management, health and safety, CSR, environmental attitude, IT compatibility, supplier management, confidentiality, vision and innovation, and financial strength. Furthermore, over 90% of our print partners have ISO9001, ISO14001, and sustainable paper certifications as a minimum. Additionally, all suppliers who produce marketing collateral have ISO12647 for colour management.

Performance Monitoring & KPIs: Service Level Agreements are jointly developed by our vendor management team and suppliers. KPIs are also agreed, and management information is shared monthly, so performance can be tracked and managed proactively.

Competitive Pricing: Having a roster of preferred suppliers for each product category underpins our commitment to competitive pricing. We have at least four printers on our books for each category, enabling us to source the best price for every job. We also review potential new suppliers on an ongoing basis to avoid complacency and ensure we continually deliver the best value for our customers.

Print with purpose

If you’re looking for reliable print with social value, Commercial Foundation’s We Do. Print can help.

Commercial Foundation is a social enterprise helping disadvantaged young people turn their lives around with training, mentoring and support to boost employment prospects. All young people on the programme work voluntarily at We Do. Print, and profits are channelled back in to the social enterprise.

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