Social value reporting

We donate 20% of all profits to Commercial Foundation, the social enterprise we established to help disadvantaged young people make a fresh start. This means each of your transactions counts in our mission to change lives. On request, we can calculate the social value equivalent generated by your office supplies spend.

Making recycling easy

Collection of toner cartridges and batteries for recycling is available to all customers across the UK.

We can also offer recycling of cardboard, computers, plastic bottles, metal cans, compact discs and mobile phones. In some locations, this can be offered free of charge: drivers collect the items when they’re making a delivery, taking both cost and carbon out of the loop. It’s an innovative approach that helped us win a National Recycling Award.

Confidential shredding

Disposal of sensitive data needs to be handled with care.

Our confidential recycling service includes collection of securely tagged bags and onsite shredding where required. Once paper is collected, it is securely destroyed, and a certificate of destruction is issued within 48 hours.

Efficiency and sustainability

If you’re looking for more from your office supplies, give us a call on 01242 690006 or fill in our form.


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