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Our purpose is to help you create a safe environment where your staff and customers can thrive through these difficult times.

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A proud partner

Commercial is a proud partner with Crown Commercial Services (CCS) in order to help organisations’ prepare for the new way of working as lockdown rules relax.

Under the framework RM6059, we can help you consolidate your supply chain, maximise your budget and create a safe working environment for your onsite teams and remote workers.

The areas in which our products and services can support you are:

Virus protection | Virus mitigation | Social distancing | Personal protection (non-medical) and hygiene | Remote working | Team collaboration | Process automation.

Virus protection

Our virus protection products provide you with a first line defense against COVID-19. Our range includes:

  • Smart digital and digital thermometers
  • Handheld thermal cameras
  • Thermal cameras
  • Handheld thermometers.

Virus mitigation

Our range of furniture, screening and surface sanitisation products can reduce the spread of viruses. Our range includes:

  • Office planning
  • Foot operated door pulls
  • Room dividers
  • Reception, desk & portable screens
  • Deep cleaning products
  • Sanitation services.

Social distancing

Create and maintain social distancing throughout your organisation. From your reception to your warehouse and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. Our range includes:

  • People counting, smart & self contained
  • Desk, meeting room & workspace booking
  • Window & floor vinyl
  • Signage
  • Flexible barriers.

PPE & hygiene

Our personal hygiene and protection products will ensure the members of your team have everything they need to stay safe and well. Our range includes:

  • Smart eco hand drying
  • Hand sanitisers (wall mounted, digital, pedal operated)
  • Smart vending machines (PPE)
  • Personal protective equipment (non-medical) including plastic free visors
  • Hygiene hook keyrings.

Home office

With the right office equipment, system integration and support, homeworker productivity can actually increase. Our range includes:

  • Homeworker security assessment
  • Home office furniture
  • Technology
  • Virtual display screen equipment (DSE) assessments
  • Stationery
  • Remote printing & mailing.

Process automation

Improve accessibility and visibility of your documents and information with process automation. Create, share, track, process documents quickly and efficiently. Our range includes:

  • Document and information management.

Team collaboration

With video conferencing and VoIP, remote workers can collaborate regardless of location. Our range includes:

  • Video conferencing
  • VoIP.

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For more information about how we can help you with your specific requirements contact the team today. We also offer sector specific products and services including construction, education and professional services.

“Commercial is an outstanding company that constantly offers great customer service and amazing value for money, which has benefited our organisation no end. The team continuously strive to invest back into communities they work in through their environmental work and now their new social enterprise.”


Our product areas


Face Shields
Goggles and Glasses

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Essential Hygiene

Hand sanitiser
Anti-bacterial wipes
Sanitiser stations

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Social distancing solutions

Distancing Solutions
Leaflets & Posters
Roller banners
Internal & external signage
Floor tapes & graphics

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 Office and electronic supplies

Office &
Electronic Supplies

Toner & ink cartridges
Computer accessories
Paper & envelopes

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Exercise books
Exercise papers
Educational equipment
Teaching supplies

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Sponges and scourers
Cleaning brushes
Mops & buckets
Protective gloves.

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Kitchen appliances
Water coolers & filters
Cutlery & crockery
Food wrap & kitchen roll.

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Ergonomic and wellbeing support

Ergonomic &
Wellbeing Support

Chairs & desks
Keyboard and mouse
Telephone accessories

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Latest news

Cutting the commute?
If you are looking to make homeworking for your team longer-term because of Covid-19, we can provide a tailor made solution to ensure that they have the right equipment to work safely.

Our broad range of furniture and technology means we can provide options for any space, big or small. Coupled with our virtual Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments your teams could be sitting pretty, and productive, in no time at all.

For more information contact our Account Management Team on 01242 690006.

Make PPE disposal easy for your teams
With the necessity for increased PPE comes the necessity to support employees in the safe disposal of it. Our PPE waste bins provide a convenient reminder and reinforcement of this.

Items that we can provide include products made from reinforced cardboard that can be branded and plastic bins with signage kits for increased visibility, we can help you prevent possible disposal problems of the future.

Contact our Account Management team today on 01242 690006 for more information.

Good ideas can change the world.
The best ideas are the ones that are shared. Over the past decade we have collaborated with brilliant minds and organisations to create a model for business that places sustainability at its heart.

Our full report is available to download from our website. It includes models for:

  • Sustainable operations
  • Serving customers
  • An ethical economic ecosystem
  • Valuing people and communities.

Download the full report here.

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