Managed IT with a conscience

Managed IT with a Conscience brings your commercial concerns in line with ethical solutions. We enable you to do six simple but impactful things that limit your environmental footprint:

  • Ensure that redundant hardware is ethically recycled or reused
  • Enable employees to recycle personal hardware with on-premise recycling units
  • Tag new installations to enable collection for future ethical recycling
  • Purchase new hardware from vendors who comply with the Ethical Trading Initiative
  • Reduce the heat produced and power consumed by your IT infrastructure
  • Package and deploy our Change Champion DNA to your organisation

We believe that this approach should be the new normal. We recognise that the solution has to start with us. Commercial has always been passionate about the environment and positive social change. Our Managed IT division is no different.


From the ground to the cloud

The rush to transform has put tremendous strain on internal IT teams, leaving your organisation struggling to cope with the modern workspace. Commercial Managed IT enables you to sidestep these challenges and ensure positive disruption with the adoption of new technology.

We provide IT options from The Ground to The Cloud, and everything in-between. From The Ground to The Cloud is about meeting the requirements of today and preparing for the challenges of tomorrow. We focus on flexible scalability in an environment fit for purpose. Our migration services enable a seamless transition.

We will help you explore public, private and hybrid cloud options. We build solutions that complement your existing infrastructure and deliver the flexibility you need. From The Ground to The Cloud makes your journey into the cloud easy. It is a unique solution to every IT strategy.

Commercial Managed IT delivers whatever solution is best suited to your business.

Best of breed technology partnerships

We understand the need to find best-in-class solutions in a complex market. Commercial Managed IT aligns your organisation with industry-leading technology to deliver optimised results. That promise is backed up by our well-established partnerships with:

  • HPE
  • Sophos
  • VMware
  • Microsoft
  • Barracuda
  • Citrix
  • Veeam
  • Cisco
  • Censornet
  • HNS

Delivering real business outcomes

Technology enables success — IT is not itself a strategy. Commercial Managed IT starts and ends with a focus on outcomes. We use real data to show you what we offer before revolutionising your existing infrastructure.

15 years of Managed IT experience provides us with the perspective to identify strategic investments. We work with you to build IT solutions that deliver. That means taking account of your existing network and future demands.

Our well-established industry-leading partnerships, Tier 4 NGD data centre offerings, from The Ground to The Cloud flexibility and fully-managed services align technological transformation with outcomes that deliver on real business outcomes.

Top 10 reasons to partner with Commercial Managed IT


Unrivalled Technical Expertise
Flexible Management & Support
Partnerships with Leading IT Vendors
Solutions Designed Around You
Managed IT with a Conscience
Enterprise-Grade Security Built In
Big Enough to Deliver, Small Enough to Care
Long-Term Sustainable Relationships
Fit for Purpose Today & Tomorrow
Solutions from the Ground to the Cloud

Delivering real business outcomes

One of Commercial Managed IT's experts will attend your premises to perform a comprehensive assessment of your current IT and get an understanding of your future business and IT needs.

We will provide specific recommendations to your team based on real data insights regarding your current server and network infrastructure, security and end-user experience.

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