The digital opportunities in education are immense. The safe implementation of that technology requires specialisation and dedication — Commercial Managed IT supplies both.

Administrators have to ensure the safety and security of students online while thinking of creative ways of integrating digital tools into an already complicated job. Our unique experience in this space allows us to follow through with best practices and help you make the right IT choices.

We will help you explore public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), remote-access and on-site storage. A Commercial Managed IT solution delivers end-user results. We work with your existing infrastructure to build an IT solution that is suited for now and built for the future.


The right IT capabilities are the difference between success and failure in a competitive market. Your business deserves the same technology and expertise as your larger competition. Commercial Managed IT delivers that as an outcome.

The need to develop every function in-house can limit a growing business’s ability to focus on core competencies. The continual adjustment and updating of IT resources is a full-time job.

Our experience and specialisation equalise the technological playing field. That support begins with procurement, installation and maintenance. We provide remotely-accessed IT and deliver fully-managed services. Commercial Managed IT supplies flexible access to department-wide teams of experts and enterprise-grade monitoring tools that fit every IT need.

Delivering Real Business Outcomes

One of Commercial Managed IT's experts will attend your premises to perform a comprehensive assessment of your current IT and get an understanding of your future business and IT needs.

We will provide specific recommendations to your team based on real data insights regarding your current server and network infrastructure, security and end-user experience.

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