Help to change the world,
one laptop at a time.

Commercial has partnered with IT Schools Africa to recycle computer equipment which is then sent to schools in Kenya, Malawi, Mali and Zimbabwe. This enables quality education and transforms lives through access to e-learning.

Our Managed IT with a Conscience programme encourages all our partners and customers to recycle unused tablets, PCs , laptops and servers.

This is how the process works:

  1. Fill in the form to download your kit manifest
  2. Complete the manifest, letting us know which kit you would like to recycle
  3. Simply email the manifest to us at and our delivery partner will contact with you to arrange a date and time to package and collect your old hardware.


What happens to your old computer equipment?

Once your kit arrives and is unloaded, all the data is securely wiped and the equipment is bar-coded so we can track its progress. You are then provided with a certificate as confirmation.

The young people in Commercial Foundation take part in the data cleansing and bar-coding as part of the process of learning new skills for their future careers.

Three HM Prisons then support the set-up of the devices, where the hardware is opened and cleaned of any dust or residue. Prison inmates install up to 70% of Microsoft™ Office and Education software.

The hardware is transported back to Commercial Foundation, where the team completes the loading of Microsoft™ Office software, then the equipment is checked and packaged ready for shipping.

The kit is sent to Africa by container ship, where our NGO partners on the ground arrange its transportation to, and installation in, the schools. We will soon be able to use the bar-code to track precisely which school your kit calls home.

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Thank you for recycling your computer equipment through us, Commercial Foundation and IT Schools Africa.


You are helping to change the world, one laptop at a time!