We blend high levels of industry leading service and support with progressive
printing and copying technologies.

And because we’re supplier-agnostic, we can devise tailored approaches for
customers’ specific requirements.

Free print audits

We can assess how print works for you today and how it can adapt as your needs change and technology evolves.

Creative technology

Generating £9.6million per hour, London’s creative sector growing at almost twice the rate of the wider UK economy.

It’s a dynamic, high-octane environment. And it demands the same of its technologies – for the long-term, not just at the point of installation.

A dedicated focus on printing and copying equipment gives us the insights to develop tailored service solutions. We select the most appropriate products, ensure seamless integration then deliver reliable ongoing performance.

Our ‘continuous improvement’ ethos is rooted in performance monitoring and horizon scanning. It means we keep on top of emerging best practice in areas such as colour profiling. And it’s earned our position at the forefront of the city’s creative technology services.

Colour management

Colour is critical, whether you’re a busy production studio, a branding consultancy or a full-service agency.

But ensuring accuracy across multiple platforms, or matching multiple monitors to printer output, can often be a challenge.

We love challenges and we’re here to help.

Employing the latest tools from leading manufacturers, we craft a colour match then calibrate monitors, proofers and laser printers. We can also consult on lighting conditions, file formats and standards.

Creative workflow

Do you hate repetitive tasks? From creative file creation, cross media repurposing and sharing to storing and automation, we can streamline processes and reduce opportunities for error.

Because our offering is supplier-agnostic, we’re free to select the best products to meet your needs. Then we integrate them seamlessly with your business processes or studio.

Collaborative & soft proofing

Ensuring the right people see the right proof at the right time is an essential part of creative project management.

We have a range of tools that can accelerate the process, making it less admin-intensive and more collaborative. Storing project materials, assets and tools in a central location can boost productivity and enhance accuracy.

Certified proofing

Working with Epson, Canon, Oris-CGS and EFI we bring the finest and most accurate proofing products to your studio.

Fully certified by FOGRA and working to international standards, our certified contract proofing system is bulletproof and easy to use.  

Office technology

Security and efficiency are critical factors for printing and copying.

We work in partnership with in-house IT and business management teams to select the best equipment to meet these goals.

Our 4D continual improvement service means we deliver ongoing benefits beyond the installation of new fleet. And we support existing machines too, repurposing them and extending their life.

Our client list includes some of the UK’s most prestigious corporate and legal companies.

Continual improvement

Many companies say it, but we mean it. Customer satisfaction is everything.

We aim to provide the very best service: always and on all the products we support.

Challenges and priorities vary between companies, and within departments. That’s why we listen carefully to your specific needs. Then we develop a structured approach to meet your goals. Our four-step process ensures we continually reassess performance and embrace new ways of working that can boost efficiency, sustainability and colour management.

80% of clients welcome advice on new features, functions and system integration. We provide this free of charge.


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