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Print software for the busy office

From sustainability to security

Whatever your organisational goals, we can help pinpoint the most efficient, effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

Innovative print management and reporting


PaperCut has evolved from a small workgroup product to also cater for larger enterprise-level clients. But it still offers a straightforward, affordable and powerful solution for the management of users and printers. 

Cost and output management


If you need an enterprise print management product, with client billing, follow-me print and total security, Equitrac is for you. We have managed installations in some of the UK’s largest creative companies and groups.

The greenest print management available


This is the very latest and most sustainable secure release, follow-me and output management product on the market. Using an innovative ‘token’ method to communicate with its database, it cuts traffic and reduces the need for multiple prints servers.

Seamless, reliable colour management software

Creative control

If it’s all about the colour, we’ve got you covered. Decades working with London’s creative industries has given us unrivaled insights into your exacting demands, and the best software solutions to satisfy them.

A full colour management ecosystem

CGS Oris

With its sophisticated, iterative 4D colour management process, Oris delivers the highest level of colour accuracy. What’s more, it uses a web-based front-end that is a simple as it is elegant. We have a long history working with Oris, and there’s lots to say about this wonderful software! Give us a call if you want to know more.

Simple, low-cost digital asset management

Visual Bank

This DAM system enables you to keep all of your brand’s fonts, logos, images and videos in one place. You can share, re-purpose, upload and download on the fly, while remaining in complete control. If you’re a brand guardian or you need to share digital assets with minimum fuss or expense, this is your product.

The definition of colour


We’ve been working with Pantone for as long as this iconic brand has existed. Its colour matching system is the default for graphic artists, brands and branding companies. We stock the full range of products, but our favourite is the versatile ‘Color Bridge Set Coated & Uncoated’. It provides side-by-side visual comparison of Pantone spot colours versus their closest CMYK match on coated and uncoated paper.

Bespoke printer management

Greenworld OneStop Portal

We’ve developed our own solution to monitor all printer supply, replenishment and technical needs. Use it in ‘map mode’ to track device locations, ‘consumables mode’ to monitor supplies and ‘green mode’ to measure your carbon footprint and maximise efficient use. Fully automated, it lets you get on with the day job while we look after your printers.

The right colour every time


X-Rite is a world leader in equipment for the graphic art industry. Its spectrophotometers are used by every major printer, production company and manufacturer as well as every trade body that sets international, industry and local standards in colour and colour communications. We use X-Rite’s market leading products ourselves and we sell, maintain and train on them too.

Our favourite product

i1 Pro with I0 table

This product sets a new standard in colour calibration. It offers the perfect combination, calibration, certification and measurement of monitors. Then it does the same with your printers. This is all achieved using one tool, for ease and accuracy.

An easy route to sophisticated colour management

Fiery XF

This raster image processing (RIP) software works on a Mac or PC. It’s a great choice for those who want exceptional colour at an affordable price.

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