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A full colour management eco-system

CGS Oris

From your monitor, iPad, printer, digital press or multi-functional device there’s an Oris product for you. Oris uses a unique, ‘iterative’ 4D colour management process; what does that mean?

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Most colour management products use..

ICC Profiles

Normally you make a profile of the device you want to emulate. You then make a profile of the device you wish match to it. You then upload those profiles to an RIP and the colour conversion is handled in the background. That’s fine, but there’s problem – two in fact!

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The conversion squeezes one colour space into another

Problem One

Inevitably there are compromises in this one time conversion. With colour clipped or converted to different colours. With Oris you can automatically repeat this process; by iterating – building one calibration on top of another,  getting closer and closer until you have reached the absolute closest match possible.

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ICC device independence

Problem two

Oris overcomes the CMYK conversion problem by using its own engine to do the CMYK-CMYK conversion, maintaining the integrity of the all-important black channel, giving you much more accurate results.

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Most RIPs and colour management products have complex, technical interfaces, not Oris. It uses a web front-end that is a simple as it is elegant. Surely the most user-friendly product in the world of colour management.


PaperCut is the new force in print output management and reporting. In the past few years its morphed from and small easy to work with workgroup product to an innovative enterprise product.


If you need an enterprise print management product, with client billing, follow-me print and total security Equitrac is for you. We have managed installations in some of the UK’s largest creative companies and groups.


The very latest (and greenest) secure release, follow-me and output management product to take the market by storm. Using an innovative ‘token’ method of communicating with its database, this product removes most print related traffic associated worth print servers, therefore cutting down on traffic and the need for multiple prints servers.

Our online portal bespoke to you

Greenworld OneStop Portal

Monitor all of your printers, for supplies, replenishment and technical issues. It can be used to track device location, supplies and your carbon footprint. It is fully automated so you can get on with your day and leave us to look after your printers.

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World-leader for the graphic art industry


X-Rite’s spectrophotometers are used by every major printer, production company and manufacturer and every trade body that sets international, industry and local standards in colour and colour communications. We not only use X-Rite’s products, we sell, maintain and train on them too.

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The perfect combination

Our favourite product

I1 Pro with I0 table, here we have the perfect combination, calibrate, certify and measure your monitors then do the same with your printers, all using the same tool, with ease and accuracy.

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Brand consistency matters

We’ve been working with Pantone for as long as this iconic brand has existed.  The Pantone Colour Matching system is the default way for graphic artists, brands and branding companies defining special/brand colours. 

Our favourite product

Color Bridge Set Coated & Uncoated

The most versatile tool for graphic and digital designers, Color Bridge Set provides a side-by-side visual comparison of Pantone spot colours verses their closest CMYK process printing match on coated and uncoated paper.

Just Normlicht

Accurate colour is nothing without accurate and consistent light

A light box or colour temperature controlled lighting is a must in any studio. Just Normlicht make lights, tubes, bulbs and light boxes for just about every situation.

Our JUST product lines are available in a range of standard sizes, configurations, light sources and viewing geometries for both 2- and 3-D objects. From portable viewing tables, to booths, stations, overhead fixtures, monitor-to-object proofing, and multi-spectral programmable LED lighting, we address a diverse range of needs. 

This is a small and very quick blog on the subject of when to change D50 tubes, to ISO 3664, in order to maintain colour accurate viewing conditions. 

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Paul Sherfield


Our favourite product

LED colorControl Light Box


LED driven lightbox is bang up to date with various Presets as standard: D50 (with UV), D50 (without UV), D65, Multispectral LED light source for simulation of an almost endless number of illuminants.

It offers stable light conditions thanks to a unique calibration method. And Substantially longer service life, compared to conventional fluorescent lamps, easy detection of metamerism through simulation of widely differing light conditions.

Visual Bank

A low cost Digital Asset Management system

A simple, low cost Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that allows you to keep all of your brands’ fonts, logos, images and vidoes in one place, share, re-purpose on the fly, upload, download and keep complete control. If you’re a brand guardian or you need to share digital assets with the minimum of fuss, or expense this is your product.

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