When colour is critical

Whether you're dealing with scamps, proofs or final artwork, colour quality can't be compromised. We can help you choose the kit that's up to the challenge. 

Check out some of our favourites below - chosen for reliability and performance. 

Production printing for creative and office applications


Xerox has been at the forefront of imaging technology since the 1930s. It continually reinvents itself and today there’s a Xerox printer or multifunctional device to meet every requirement.  

Production printing is Xerox’s greatest strength. At Commercial Creative Systems, we can repurpose these devices to deliver exceptional studio-quality output. There are also excellent options for offices and smaller studios.

Our favourite Xerox for studio production

Xerox C60

Originally designed for light production, we find the colour stability of the C60 is second to none. Coupled with the best output quality, it’s the device that every medium to large studio should have.

A first-rate Xerox for offices and smaller studios

Xerox AltaLink C8000 Series

Compact footprint, low energy requirements, excellent quality and easy to use. Fit this machine with a Fiery and you have the perfect small/digital studio machine. Available in five speeds and with numerous finishing options, it can also to ‘scan to the cloud’ and ‘scan to translate’. Xerox has a winner here.

Ease of use and great green credentials


A strong focus on sustainability and ethics makes for great synergy between Canon and Commercial Creative Systems. Machines have a good environmental profile, focused on waste reduction, low energy consumption and use of recycled materials. They’re also super easy to use.

We supply the full range of Canon office, studio and production equipment, from laser to large format printers and proofers. Devices are regularly updated, so contact us for an up-to-date, unbiased view on the best solution for you.

Devices to meet every office and creative need


There’s an imageRUNNER ADVANCE for every requirement, whether you’re a style-conscious office, a digital design studio, an ad agency or an architectural firm.

Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with high performance and image quality with these multifunctional devices. Get in touch to discuss which model is best for you, from the super-compact A3 and A4 C3330i to the good all-rounder 5550i without Fiery or the high-performance 5540 with Fiery.

Fantastic image quality

Canon ImagePress C750i

This is Canon’s newest take on the world of light production and graphic equipment. Very good image quality and stability, complete with a wide range of finishing equipment. A Fiery is a must. We’ve been astonished at how close to litho the image quality is. It’s probably the best fast laser device available today.

One of the best large format printers

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF4000

With 12 colours and two online paper feeds, this machine allows seamless switching between proofing and imposition or matt papers. It has a wider colour spectrum than other printer of its kind. It’s also fast and cheap to run. These machines have proved very reliable and easy to use.

Five, six and eight ink variants are available, with sizes from 17” (A2) through to 60”. There’s also a proofing version with a built-in spectrophotometer for calibration and verification.

A comprehensive range to meet diverse needs


HP’s printers and servers can match most professional requirements, and we find they are often the default choice for architects. The range is huge, so give us a call to discuss which option might be the best for your organisation. HP often run value schemes, such as loyalty bonuses, so we may be able to save you money too.

Our favourite HP machine

HP Designjet Z2600PS

Fast and easy to use with a built-in PS RIP. Unlike the Epson range this is not a proofing device, but a fast multipurpose high quality printer that will cover all but the most demanding requirements.

Leader of the high-end image market


The unique piezo printing technology allowing variable sized print droplets gives speed, accuracy and stability to Epson machine outputs.

The company rules the fine art, proofing and photographic market. And with strong green credentials, it’s the perfect partner for Commercial Creative Systems. We’ve been selling and servicing high-end Epsons for years, and can help pinpoint the best solution for your creative needs.

Our favourite Epson device

Surecolor P7000S 24” A1

This 11-colour machine has long been the stalwart of the creative and proofing industry. High quality, reliable and consistent, this device is available with or without a built-in spectrophotometer for online calibration and verification. It’s easy to load with paper and has a large ink capacity. There’s a size for everyone: 17” (A2) to 44” through to A0 Landscape. There’s also an extended gamut option for clients requiring 99% of the Pantone range.

The world’s finest colour-accurate monitors

EIZO Monitors

EIZO ColorEdge monitors offer optimum quality for professionals with the highest standards. Covering 99% of the Adobe RGB gamut, they give you more colour, more accuracy, more consistency and more clarity.

Our favourite EIZO


This is the best monitor that money can buy, complete with five year onsite warranty. It has a built-in spectrophotometer for automatic calibration, as well as built-in colour look-up tables (LUTs) for graphics card independent perfect colour. 

Vital statistics: size 31.1”, resolution 4K, 1.9:1 aspect ratio, covers 100% AdobeRGB1998.icc

Get more from your printer

EFI Fiery

EFI’s Fiery products have been driving the world’s best colour print devices for the past 25 years. And we have been working with EFI for all of that time. Our knowledge of the Fiery servers and software is unrivaled.

For the smaller organisation

Small/Embedded/Bustled Fierys

These inexpensive colour management spooling devices sit unobtrusively in or at the back of your printer, MFD or colour copier.

For large, complex needs

Big/Standalone/Server Fiery

These are the beasts of the RIP world. Highly functional, excellent colour management, simple calibration and hefty processing speed – they can cope with the biggest files and complex workflows.


This is a software RIP that works natively on a Mac or PC.  A great choice for those who want decent colour at an affordable price.

Consistent light in various formats

Just Normlicht

A light box or colour temperature controlled lighting is a must in any studio. Just Normlicht makes lights, tubes, bulbs and light boxes for every situation.

Products are available in a range of standard sizes, configurations, light sources and viewing geometries for both 2-D and 3-D objects. From portable viewing tables, booths and stations to overhead fixtures, monitor-to-object proofing and multi-spectral programmable LED lighting.

Our favourite product

LED color Control Light Box

This lightbox is bang up-to-date with various presets as standard: D50 (with UV), D50 (without UV), D65 and a multispectral LED light source.

It offers stable light conditions thanks to a unique calibration method. And it boasts a longer service life than conventional fluorescent lamps, as well as easy detection of metamerism through simulation of widely differing light conditions.

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