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At the forefront of imaging technology

With a printer or MFD to meet every requirement, Xerox’s strength has always been in production printing. We have taken these devices and repurposed them to ensure the very best output devices for studios. Xerox also has a strong presence in the office arena as a result of its partnership with Fuji Xerox in Japan, these are popular in smaller studios when driven by a Fiery.

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Our favourite Xerox devices

The C60

Originally designed for light production, we have found that their colour stability is second to none, coupled with the best output quality, it’s the device that every studio should have.

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AltaLink C8000 Series

Compact, Low energy requirements, excellent quality, easy to use display. Fit this machine with a Fiery and you have the perfect small/digital studio machine. 

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From laser to large format printers and proofers

Canon office, studio and production equipment

Canon differs from other manufactures. Super easy to use and with a strong environmental and ethical stance, everything possible has been done to reduce waste and energy consumption and recycled materials used. 

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Our favourite Canon machines

  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3330i

    Super compact office A3 and A4 multifunctional devices, the latest incarnation in to Canon strong office portfolio. Highly sustainable, easy to use and well-priced these MFDs will make an attractive addition to any style conscious office.

  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 5550i without Fiery

    This is a great office machine, easy to use, easy to look after, reliable. This machine is the perfect blend of performance, image quality and ease of use. Low energy requirements, recycled and recyclable materials used wherever feasible.

  • imageRUNNER ADVANCE 5540 with Fiery

    As above, but with a Fiery it works great in digital designers and smaller advertising agencies, marcomms companies, it’s also good for architects where there are complex renders and subtle sketches being produced.

  • ImagePress C750i

    Canon newest take on the world of light production and graphic equipment. Very good image quality, seems stable and comes with a massive range of finishing equipment. A fully featured Fiery is a must. We’ve been astonished at how close to litho the image quality is. Probably the best image quality of any fast laser device available.

  • imagePROGRAF iPF4000

    This one of the very best large format printers available; twelve colours, plus two online paper feeds, allowing seemless swithing between proofing and imposition or matt papers, this machine has an astonishingly large colour space.  In terms of its gamut (colour space) it’s wider than the other more obvious proofing printers. It’s also faster and cheap to run. These machines have proved very reliable and easy to use.

    There’s 5 ink, 6 ink and 8 ink variants with sizes from 17” (A2) right through to 60”: Canon LFPs are here to stay and have a device to suit every need. They even have a proofing version with a built-up spectrophotometer for calibration and verification.

A product for almost creative company


Epson has ruled the fine art, proofing and photographic markets for years, using a unique piezo printing technology that allows viable sized print droplets; giving speed, accuracy and stability to their outputs.

Their range covers everything from small desktop photo-printers to their award winning production large format printers. And, with have one of the strongest green credentials of any Japanese manufacturer, they are a perfect partner for us.

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Our favourite Epson machine

Surecolor SC-P7000S 24” A1

This eleven colour machine has been the stalwart of the creative and proofing industry for a number of years. It comes with a built-in spectrophotometer for online calibration and verification, easy to load paper, big ink capacity. There’s a size for everyone; 17” – A2 44” through to A0 Landscape, with or without a spectrophotometer to calibration, profiling and verification and the option of an extended gamut option for those doing branding and needing 99% of the Pantone range.

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A diverse range of printers and servers can match most people’s needs

Often the default choice for  architects, HP offers a large range and often runs value schemes, such as loyalty bonus. Ask us about which HP might be best for you and saving you money. 

Our favourite HP

Designjet Z2600PS

Fast, easy to use and has a built-in PS RIP. Unlike the Epson range this is not a proofing device, but a fast multipurpose high quality printer that will cover all but the most demanding needs.

EFI Fiery

Fiery has been driving the world’s best colour print devices for the past 25 years. And we have been working with EFI for all of that time. Our knowledge of Fiery and EFI’s products is unrivaled. Our EFI products fall into three broad categories.

Small/Embedded/Bustled Fierys

These are inexpensive colour management a job spooling devcies that sit unobrusitly in or at the back of your printer/MFD/colour copier.

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Big/Standalone/Server Fiery

These are the beasts of the RIP world, highly functional, excellent colour magnged, simple calibration hefty processing speed to cope with the biggest files and most complex workflows.

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Fiery XF

This is a software RIP that works natively on a Mac or PC.  A great choice for those who want decent colour at an affordable price.

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