Commercial Technology helps you save time and money with hardware that meets precise needs and integrates seamlessly with the installed base.

Expert advice

Drilling down into the finer points of hardware specification is an essential part of IT procurement. Otherwise it’s too easy to get lumbered with kit that looks and sounds good but doesn’t deliver on its promises.

Our consultative approach prevents customers from making the wrong decisions. We know all the potential pitfalls and challenges, and most of the time we know how to overcome them. When we don’t, we have an excellent network of OEM partners who we collaborate with to find answers.

With Commercial Technology, your hardware choices will be interrogated. It means any issues are uncovered before you sign on the dotted line – not six months later.

Direct OEM partnerships

Hardware integration can bring challenges that send costs spiralling. So, it’s important to understand exactly what will be involved before you invest in new kit. 

We have active relationships with the major IT vendors, and can access in-depth guidance quickly when needed. From a conference call that dives down into full technical functionality to a hands-on session where you can see the kit in practice. We’ll do whatever it takes to help you choose hardware in confidence, knowing it satisfies business and integration needs.

Customers can be actively involved in this phase, or leave it in our hands. However you want to approach procurement decision making, we’ll make sure you have the full picture.

  • Extensive product range

    With more than 100,000 top-tier products, sourced from five trusted nationwide distributors, you can be sure that Commercial Technology has the hardware you need.

  • Bid price

    Phased roll-out of hardware can ease the transition process. If you’re taking this approach, rest assured that there won’t be any mid-project price hikes. We work with manufacturers to ensure bid price is honoured, even if newer models are introduced.

  • Highly accredited

    We invest in ongoing training to ensure our team is at the head of its game. This has helped us achieve some of the highest vendor standards.

Want to make life easier?

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