Sustainable business is not about being green. It’s about using business muscle to bring about positive change, in social as well as environmental matters.

Our strategic framework for sustainability, rooted in ISO14001 requirements, is used to create quantified goals across all departments, divisions and locations.

Our dedicated sustainability team

Our full-time sustainability consultants continually challenge us to keep raising the bar on social and environmental issues.

They instigate and oversee core elements of our strategy, from applying the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code to the ongoing development of our low-carbon fleet. Their depth of knowledge and experience is highly valued, both within Commercial and externally. They regularly take part in third party webinars and round-tables exploring sustainability best practice, as well as speaking at universities and professional events.

At the forefront of sustainability

Our sustainability consultants carry out in-depth inductions with all new employees, as well as collaborating with customers, suppliers and third parties.

"We’ve trialled ground-breaking technologies and tested new approaches to develop a sustainable transport strategy that is effective and commercially viable."

Jonathan Withey, Sustainability Consultant

Ten commitments

Decision making at Commercial is underpinned by our ten commitments for responsible business.

United Nations sustainable development goals

We’re committed to playing our part in ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity for all, as per the UN sustainable development goals. This is evident in our support of projects including IT Schools Africa as well as in day-to-day business operations.

COP21 and science-based CO2 targets

Measuring and managing CO2 emissions is a fundamental part of our sustainability strategy. We’ve made operational changes to reduce carbon intensity and minimise negative environmental impacts of the business. This is a critical area that we continue to address by stimulating behavioural change from the ground up.

Air quality impact

Our investment in hydrogen-fuelled and electric vehicles delivers air quality benefits at a local level. Tailpipe emissions from our hydrogen fuelled vans have lower levels of NOx and particulates, and the use of electrified vehicles further reduces pollution emissions affecting local air quality.

Resource consumption

The entire Commercial team is actively involved in our sustainability journey, and this plays a major role in reducing the consumption of resources. Simple tactics – such as motion sensor office lights and a double-sided printing policy – have also been very effective. The business has experienced significant growth over the past decade, but intensity of consumption has decreased.  

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