Hybrid IT

Enterprise-level cloud computing has been lauded by many for its agility, security and efficiency. But an all-or-nothing approach to cloud adoption can be risky.

Commercial IT Services works with customers to develop hybrid IT solutions. This means some resources are managed in-house, whilst cloud-based services are used for others. It’s an inherently flexible approach, which can be tailored to specific needs and quickly adapted when those needs change.

The processes and systems most suited for early cloud migration vary between sectors and individual organisations. We’ll work closely with you to maximise benefits, and minimise risks.

“Commercial is an organisation capable of identifying significant trends and harnessing these to the benefit of its clients.”

IT Manager, Burges Salmon

Outsourcing / Managed Services

Giving IT staff the time and space to drive innovation can be a major challenge. Outsourcing elements of infrastructure management is one way to overcome this. But many organisations have reservations about off-the-shelf approaches and fear loss of control.

With Commercial IT Services, you can build a managed service solution from the ground up: from hardware break-fix support to large-scale multi-year outsourcing. Our IT engineers can work onsite or offsite to handle your requirements reliably and efficiently while providing full visibility.

IT Consultancy / Cloud Readiness

Optimising infrastructures so they adapt easily to shifting demands is the cornerstone of effective IT management. It enables you to maximise value from existing assets today, while preparing for the future.

Our Cloud Readiness assessments provide a clear view of your current situation. More importantly, they enable us to provide focused, actionable insights that ensure your IT spend is prudent and informed.

Cyber Security

Cyber crime is now a daily threat for organisations of all sizes and sectors. But it doesn’t mean you have to make a disproportionate investment in cyber security solutions. Commercial IT Services can develop an effective approach that blends appropriate technologies with other important factors such as user training.

We are ISO 27001 accredited and can advise on whether this standard is right for your organisation, or whether the Cyber Essentials route would be more suitable.

Simulated phishing

Ask the team about our simulated phishing service. It’s a great way to identify any weak spots in your organisation, before cyber criminals do it for you.

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